Sunday, June 2, 2013

"Little Man" 1st Birthday

As my son is about to turn 2 (a week from tomorrow), i thought now would be a good time to post about his 1st birthday party we threw him last year:)

I started planning Jaxton's birthday around the same time Pinterest became popular. Like many, i had quickly become a Pinterest junkie and i was going to use it for my advantage. I knew i wanted to have a "Little Man" party and although i had many ideas of what i wanted to incorporate into his party - i just needed a little guidance.

I took my vision to my older bro (who is my Photoshop master) and together, we created the invititation. And because i am HUGE on THANK YOU notes, we created those too!

 Jaxton wasn't feeling well on his birthday and you can tell in his pictures but we managed to get a few smiles from the kiddo. (Turns out, it was Roseola Fever).

Some decor we made...

We had a photo booth area with "Little Man" Props
When it was time for the Smash Cake, we traveled outside where Jaxton's highchair was already set up. I made the "ONE" banner thats on his highchair and also a "Happy Birthday Jaxton" Banner that is in a picture above. I don't give Jax too many sweets so i found a recipe i wanted to try for his cake made out bananas, blueberries, and applesauce.

Starting to get happy...

After all was said and done, it was a good day. I had a hard time seeing my baby

in a funky mood and at the time we didnt know what was going on with him:( A lot of other details weren't photographed but the details aren't important. To me, getting through that first year was a victory! XO

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