Thursday, September 8, 2011

Only a Memory Now

Yes, today is Thursday but Im going to write about last Saturday:) The day began with me running aroud the house trying to get everything together for Jax and i's "day of FUN". Im pretty sure it was like watching a sitcom...OK, maybe not a sitcom... more like a new mom trying to get everything together in the amount of time it would've taken pre-baby.

Coffee in one hand: CHECK! Double Breast Pump hooked to breasts: CHECK! One free hand to grab everything: CHECK!

I woke up Jax, loaded him up in his carseat and loaded us both up in the car. We stopped by and ran through Target like those people on 'Supermarket Sweep', grabbed an outfit to go with my creative gift card baby shower gift, and headed out and towards... YEP!! ANOTHER Baby Shower!!!

This baby shower was given to my friend Debbie for her new little girl, Hannah, that will be arriving in October. Debbies sister-in-law and one of her good friends gave her this shower. They went with the "candy" theme and boy, did they have it together. All the way down to having a "picture area" where they were taking your picture with Debbie, printing them out, and then placing your picture in a hand-made frame for you to take home with you. Who would've thought of such a great idea??? These girls!!! Here is a picture of the Diaper Cake, "Picture Area", and the candy table!
After the baby shower, we went over to PopPops (my dads) to swim and "cookout". As soon i walked in the door, the infamous aroma of my dads bacon was luring in the air. Turns out the "cookout" was in fact a "cookoff" between my dad and Adam (my twin brother). YES, my family loves to eat breakfast at all times of the day! We had to vote for the best eggs. I did know ahead of time whose were whose by the way they looked because ive had both their eggs before but i did not make a decision until after i tasted both. They were both good, however...Adam took this one with his use of spices.

There is a specific ingredient that i say is my family's "secret ingredient" that they both used but Adam went ahead and added a little more spices and whatever it was he did, my taste buds preferred his. He was #2.

IN OTHER NEWS, Jaxton decided he would fall asleep on his daddy's chest again (WAHOOOOO....!!!) AND he decided this would be the night he rolled over from his stomach to his back!


Monday, August 29, 2011

He DID It!!!

Groundbreaking News: Jax decided he would fall asleep without the boob yesterday! (It only happened once throughout the whole day but we gotta start somewhere)
Us at dinner... (gave him a bottle)

Jaxton fell asleep on my shoulder...
Successfully transferred to daddy....
And that's all i have for today! 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Happiest Baby On The Block

On June 10, of this year, i gave birth to my little miracle, Jaxton Andrew. We struggled with him in the beginning. He was "one of those" babies... the baby that loved to be held, cried A LOT and generally a very needy baby. I've had experience with these babies before being in my moms house, as she is a foster mom and had over 100 babies come through. I thought for sure (because "I did everything right"), my baby wouldn't be "one of those". HAHA, who was i kidding??? He's a product of me!

BUT, after tons of books, tons of suggestions, and tons of trial and error... we made it through and they say when babies hit around 6 weeks, things begin to settle and get better. For Jaxton it was week 7. (YAY WEEK 7)!!

Today, Jax is 2 months and 12 days. Like anyone with kids of any age, we do still struggle with him on some things. For ONE - Jax has a hard time shutting down for naps - which results in him being way overtired and a little cranky. TWO - My son is what his Pop-Pop calls: "a boob man". He has to "eat to sleep" (yes, im aware this is my fault). When given a pacifier, he spits it out. He'd rather use me as his human pacifier. THREE - When (and if) he does in fact fall asleep, its usally not for very long. FOUR - going anywhere is hard because he wants out of his carseat and just wants to be held. Yes, I've tried the Bjorn, Moby Wrap, and Ring Sling (he doesnt like any of them). We are quite the site at the grocery store - me holding him, pushing cart, and grabbing items off the shelf.  - My "extreme couponing" adventures have been called off for now!

Almost every day is a "NO NAP (insert day of week here)". I always assume its because he doesn't want to miss anything...He is mine and Justin's child!

DESPITE all of the above, i am convinced i have one of the happiest babies on the block! (I think he is the only baby on the block, but thats besides the point). Jax wakes up EVERY DAY with a smile on his face. He doesnt cry to let you know he woke up; he just grunts a little like "hey, is someone gonna get me over here?". He loves to be talked to and entertained. He loves to sit upright, face outward, and see whats going on around him. I like to think that he is already "well beyond his days". Of course, i know im biased! I definitely look forward to watching Jaxton grow into the boy he is supposed to be and i can only imagine he will have quite the personality!
Pics taken right after he woke up this morning!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Baby Shower Crasher

I LOVE BABY SHOWERS... Im not sure what it is that makes me love them so much. Something about them really just makes me happy. This year, I have had the opportunity to attend three baby showers (four including my own) and i've loved every minute of it.

Yesterday, I attended one for my life-long friend, Kristen. It was sweet and quaint and PERFECT. Kristen is expecting a girl in September and I'm looking forward to little Avery and Jaxton becoming friends!!

PS Yes, i am aware of the armpit stain in this picture:)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Popping The Cherry

Ok, so i know the title isn't the greatest thing to see, hear, or say...nor, is it the most creative but i had to start somewhere! I guess i will start by answering the question "Why am i starting a blog?". There are many reasons circling around in my head, but a few that come to mind now... I have thoughts that i'd like to share (yes, i realize people dont really care), i have a new baby that i like to sometimes exploit (yes, im one of "those moms"), i have a past that i love to talk about, i have opinions that i generally would like to write about; I also have a few short term/long term goals that i'd like to accomplish and i'd like to take you with me on my journey as i try to find my inner-artsy self, as i am a self-proclaimed "artist". I actually haven't made anything since middle school, but i have many plans to! Being a stay-at-home-mom these days has me wanting to be crafty, learn how to cook, begin and complete at-home projects, write this blog and whatever my little heart desires! And so it begins....