About Me

Where do i begin?? I am a 31 year old mama of one little boy, Jaxton, who is 3 years old. It took me a LONG ROAD to get to where i am today.

Without sharing too many details, i will tell you that i once struggled with addiction and have been places you never wanna go! Once i got pregnant, i vowed to turn my life around and THAT IS JUST WHAT I DID! My little one saved me and changed the direction my life was going.

As far as my fitness journey goes... I've always been interested in being fit! I've always admired strong bodies and muscles! However, running and going to the gym do not mix well with drinking at the bar so, it never really worked out in my favor:)

In March of 2014, my friend posted about a Beachbody Challenge that she was doing and i knew then it was something i wanted to do. I signed up for it, ordered Focus T25 and began my journey. Soon after, i signed up to be a coach so that i could help others visualize and reach their goals.

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