Sunday, August 11, 2013

Just One of Those Days

Today was one of "THOSE DAYS". 

Let's rewind. Big J had yesterday (Saturday) off which NEVER happens and so naturally, he went golfing with his buds. Naturally, they visited a local bar, and naturally, I was home with the littlest love of my life- my 2 year old. Apparently, it was a ten hour adventure for Big J;) When he got home I asked him if he would hang with Jax this morning because I needed "me time". 

Of course, our day began with goose (jaxton) waking up VERY early so J, being true to his word, took Jax into living room so I could snooze a little and he could go back to sleep on the couch (I don't blame him) all while jax could play. Kids definitely know when their parents need more sleep...that's the exact moment they are bright-eyed and ready to go. 

I decided "me time" would be a pedicure. J decided it would be a family outting to fancy Walmart. Ok. I'm cool with it; I'll have "me time" in the pedicure chair and boys will have "boy time" in the toy aisle. He hands me $20 for the pedi (thanks babe) and carries Jax away. Jax lost it, wanted his mommy, and it resulted in this...
 I embraced EVERY SINGLE MINUTE of this moment! First mommy/son pedicure;) my little boy will only be little for a short amount of time. If we don't embrace the moments our children want to "just be with us", it will slip out from underneath us. Sometimes we all need one of "those days" to embrace moments like this! XO