Thursday, January 3, 2013

I'm Back!

I havent kept up with this as much as i first intended. But, i do feel it is time to write again. I felt like i was best at writing about my son and our accomplishments. I guess i will start again with that and more of my personal life. This blog is on the internet which means anything and everything i write will never go away (sorry to myself and to jax for that:) Recently, I have read a lot of other blogs and many of them go into serious detail about ones life and i have always thought i dont want to get that personal - HOWEVER - its time to go there. It's time to let it all go and throw out what my first intentions were. Occasionally, i will think of something i'd like to put on facebook but frankly, not many people on my friends list would really care about most of those thoughts. If you are reading this you may or may not care and it is up to you to choose to read so i will do what i wish on here:)

Let's start with my choice of parenting and random rants on the subject: I have fallen into "attachment parenting". Now, i really had not heard of this until WAY after we reached the 6 month mark but with so many google searches i had done- i soon realized what the parenting style i was practicing was. Follow this link to read up on it if you'd like!

I have always been in tune with people's feelings and am extremely sensitive by nature. Applying this to my child - i am in tune to his feelings - i almost always know what every gesture he makes stand for. It's more than mothers intuition - HE IS PART OF ME AND I AM PART OF HIM. I pride myself in really understanding my son. I see the benefits to the way we parent him EVERY SINGLE DAY! I don't knock other parenting styles and will not enter myself in the "mommy wars" BUT i will throw down anytime anyday on educating someone about my choice if they question it.

To my son - YOU are the reason i live! You brought LIFE back into me - one that i so desperately needed.

(more on this to come)