Monday, May 12, 2014


I have always struggled with a healthy body image. I've always thought i need to lose a little weight and tone up. When putting clothes on, i change outfits at least 3 times before deciding "this looks ok". Since i can remember, when i see a picture of a fit muscular body, i stare in "awe" and wish i looked like that - YET, never do anything about it, except for the occasional walk/run, etc. In the past, i have had gym memberships and even personal trainers BUT never committed to the nutrition part of it so i never achieved what i wanted.

About 2 months ago i started Focus T25. I was doing great with the program and looked and felt better. 3 weeks into it, we went on vacation and things just got messy. I fell off the bandwagon and struggled to get back on. I failed myself yet again.

Today, i am committing to achieving the body i've always wanted. I am starting another Beachbody program called "21 Day Fix". They say it takes 21 days to form a habit and i will have done just that if i can complete this program. So many people in my life tell me i am crazy for "going on a diet". This isn't a diet. It's a lifestyle - a new way of living. The 21 day fix is a fool proof way of getting nutrition right. It teaches you correct portions of each food group each day. The idea is you will get use to this way of eating and continue on with it after the 21 days is over.

I am excited to start this adventure and get it right this time. Follow me on this journey if you'd like and if its something you think you would be interested in - contact me and we can make that happen! xo