Saturday, June 8, 2013

"Diaper Dump" Baby Shower

My friend Monica was pregnant with boy #2 so we wanted to throw her a small baby shower. One of my other friends came up with the theme "Diaper Dump" and we went with it! We bought black plastic table cloths and cut yellow duck tape in small strips to look like a road, used buckets for food, and dump trucks as decor. We had the party at a nearby park so the toddlers could play. Here are a few pictures.

The table with the food
 The Cake - from Publix (baby didn't yet have a name) :)

Diaper Cake - we rolled diapers and put rubber bands around them. I found the caution tape on sale at Michael's Craft Store. For the confetti, i took colored paper and put it in my paper shredder. (Never know when you're gonna need a paper shredder). The truck on top is from Target!

This is Monica, the new mom of 2:)

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