Sunday, August 10, 2014

Leg Day with Richard

I came across this picture the other day and fell in love with it for many reasons. What many do not know is that when i was in middle school, my mom let me pick out my tennis shoes for PE class. I am not sure where we found these particular gems and i unfortunately, do not have a picture but you can imagine what they looked like when i tell you the brand was "Richard Simmons". They were plain white and BULKY. Not even kidding a little bit.

And boy, was i made fun of for those shoes! I was only teased a little bit by my closest friends BUT i OWNED those shoes and it didn't bother me one bit. I laughed with them. I've always know to be a little quirky so i don't think it phased me really.

As i have always been into fitness - usually just admiring bodies instead of working on my own, it's only fit i had those shoes at one point in time. I've finally realized i can't just admire bodies to be fit - i must actually work at it and exercise. Crazy i know! So, yesterday - i posted this picture of my man on my Facebook page and every other quirky person i know "liked" it.

Posting that picture meant more to me than anyone realized i'm sure! In fact, my best friend from that PE class is still one of my best friends today. She definitely still remembers those shoes and we definitely still laugh about it. AND YES, yesterday was LEG DAY!

Work it!

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