Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Monday Funday

Monday is a day to START OVER! I personally like mondays for that reason! We started it off by going to Jaxton's swim class. Jaxton has been attending Seal Swim School for 2 months now and "graduated" to Level 2 yesterday! I didn't think i'd be emotional when they moved Jax up a level in swim class BUT as his mom, of course i was! His teacher, Sam, is AMAZING! The progress Jax has made swimming has been awesome to watch! He went from Seal Pup to Super Seal! WOO-HOO!

We left there and went to the mall for a bit to exchange something at Macy's and i'm not sure what i was thinking BUT i was determined to buy some new things for myself. And on that note, he is 3 now and boy, is he testing me! It's always challenging being a mom but WOAH! This is a whole new level for me. We didn't experience what they call the "terrible twos" - got lucky there! We are in the stage called "Threenager" though FOR SURE! Check this out:

He's the littlest LOVE OF MY LIFE but when this happened on the way home....

I couldn't have been more excited:)

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