Friday, April 6, 2012

Mama said there'd be days like this...

I am a "Stay At Home Mom" who doesn't like to stay home. I am constantly trying to think of ways to get Jaxton and i out of the house. Today, there was absolutely NOTHING on our agenda to do outside of the house and so i decided to try and tackle the jobs that can be done inside the house! Included on that list - clean out/un-clog our shower drain, wash our sheets, wash the pile of dishes i let accumulate in the sink (no dishwasher), tidy up a bit and cook a good meal so when Big J gets home, he will be so proud of us:) (haha).

After my morning dose of coffee, i proceeded to get my tools - ready to attack the clogged up drain. (Of course, this is when Jaxton started following me throughout the house and pulling at my legs). I attempted to unscrew the drain cover with one hand, while the other hand was holding Jax back, and could only get one unscrewed so this project became officially "on hold" till the strong one gets home.

Next on the list - take sheets off bed and throw them in washer with little one crying and climbing up my legs. Check!
Next - DISHES!! I knew there was no way Jax was gonna let me tackle this one alone - SO on goes the ErgoBaby! I managed to make a dent in the dishes before the screaming baby on my back pulled out any more of my hair:/

Next - NAP TIME!!! Those of you who dont know - Jaxton takes 90% of his naps on me. The other 10% are because he's in the car. He wasnt going to sleep very easy today and so i thought maybe i'll see what he does if i put him in his crib - thinking maybe he would cry for a minute and eventually just lay down. NOPE - this little boy has his mama wrapped around his little fingers. He cried, cried, and cried some more:( I went in and got him, took him to our bed and nursed him to sleep (i needed a little resting today as well after the day has gone the way it has gone). He woke up and about the same time i looked up and saw a HUGE spider on the ceiling. I sat jax on the floor (he cried again), grabbed  a shoe to whack the celing, and MISSED!

After nap time and some lunch, i thought "we for sure need to get out of the house"...BUT realizing Jax probably doesnt want to go anywhere either and there's nothing i really "need" to do, maybe its best we sit and play... and currently - that is what we are doing. Im sitting on the floor in Jaxton's room while he is playing and laughing and as happy as can be - while also grabbing the computer and trying to shut it:)

The moral of the story is -  Its OK that the drain is still clogged, the sheets are still sitting in the washing machine, only half the dishes are washed, and there is a loose spider in the house. BECAUSE, my baby is happy. He loves hands on play. He loves when anyone will sit and play with him and his toys. He loves being held and being loved and i am 100% OK with it!

They say "a dirty mommy is the best mommy" and "a dirty house is the best house" and that is the mantra i will choose to live by for as long as i possibly can!  - Although, i may have made that one up:)

Oh, and Big J - if you are reading this - Im sorry, dinner isnt happening tonight:)


  1. I wish I had some awesome advice on how to get a few minutes of 'you' time, but Ryder was totally that kid, too. You're right, just cherish the Love. :)

  2. True true!!! Who cares what anyone else thinks... that baby is going to grow up in a loving family, with parents who actually want to spend time with him.. which will only continue to build his trust and faith in you. And that's more important than a cleaned drain for sure! :) Be that loving, happy mom who has a cutesy mini who wants to spend time with you. ;)

  3. love you both! sarah- glad to know im not alone in this:) e - well said!!!