Thursday, September 8, 2011

Only a Memory Now

Yes, today is Thursday but Im going to write about last Saturday:) The day began with me running aroud the house trying to get everything together for Jax and i's "day of FUN". Im pretty sure it was like watching a sitcom...OK, maybe not a sitcom... more like a new mom trying to get everything together in the amount of time it would've taken pre-baby.

Coffee in one hand: CHECK! Double Breast Pump hooked to breasts: CHECK! One free hand to grab everything: CHECK!

I woke up Jax, loaded him up in his carseat and loaded us both up in the car. We stopped by and ran through Target like those people on 'Supermarket Sweep', grabbed an outfit to go with my creative gift card baby shower gift, and headed out and towards... YEP!! ANOTHER Baby Shower!!!

This baby shower was given to my friend Debbie for her new little girl, Hannah, that will be arriving in October. Debbies sister-in-law and one of her good friends gave her this shower. They went with the "candy" theme and boy, did they have it together. All the way down to having a "picture area" where they were taking your picture with Debbie, printing them out, and then placing your picture in a hand-made frame for you to take home with you. Who would've thought of such a great idea??? These girls!!! Here is a picture of the Diaper Cake, "Picture Area", and the candy table!
After the baby shower, we went over to PopPops (my dads) to swim and "cookout". As soon i walked in the door, the infamous aroma of my dads bacon was luring in the air. Turns out the "cookout" was in fact a "cookoff" between my dad and Adam (my twin brother). YES, my family loves to eat breakfast at all times of the day! We had to vote for the best eggs. I did know ahead of time whose were whose by the way they looked because ive had both their eggs before but i did not make a decision until after i tasted both. They were both good, however...Adam took this one with his use of spices.

There is a specific ingredient that i say is my family's "secret ingredient" that they both used but Adam went ahead and added a little more spices and whatever it was he did, my taste buds preferred his. He was #2.

IN OTHER NEWS, Jaxton decided he would fall asleep on his daddy's chest again (WAHOOOOO....!!!) AND he decided this would be the night he rolled over from his stomach to his back!


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