Monday, August 22, 2011

Happiest Baby On The Block

On June 10, of this year, i gave birth to my little miracle, Jaxton Andrew. We struggled with him in the beginning. He was "one of those" babies... the baby that loved to be held, cried A LOT and generally a very needy baby. I've had experience with these babies before being in my moms house, as she is a foster mom and had over 100 babies come through. I thought for sure (because "I did everything right"), my baby wouldn't be "one of those". HAHA, who was i kidding??? He's a product of me!

BUT, after tons of books, tons of suggestions, and tons of trial and error... we made it through and they say when babies hit around 6 weeks, things begin to settle and get better. For Jaxton it was week 7. (YAY WEEK 7)!!

Today, Jax is 2 months and 12 days. Like anyone with kids of any age, we do still struggle with him on some things. For ONE - Jax has a hard time shutting down for naps - which results in him being way overtired and a little cranky. TWO - My son is what his Pop-Pop calls: "a boob man". He has to "eat to sleep" (yes, im aware this is my fault). When given a pacifier, he spits it out. He'd rather use me as his human pacifier. THREE - When (and if) he does in fact fall asleep, its usally not for very long. FOUR - going anywhere is hard because he wants out of his carseat and just wants to be held. Yes, I've tried the Bjorn, Moby Wrap, and Ring Sling (he doesnt like any of them). We are quite the site at the grocery store - me holding him, pushing cart, and grabbing items off the shelf.  - My "extreme couponing" adventures have been called off for now!

Almost every day is a "NO NAP (insert day of week here)". I always assume its because he doesn't want to miss anything...He is mine and Justin's child!

DESPITE all of the above, i am convinced i have one of the happiest babies on the block! (I think he is the only baby on the block, but thats besides the point). Jax wakes up EVERY DAY with a smile on his face. He doesnt cry to let you know he woke up; he just grunts a little like "hey, is someone gonna get me over here?". He loves to be talked to and entertained. He loves to sit upright, face outward, and see whats going on around him. I like to think that he is already "well beyond his days". Of course, i know im biased! I definitely look forward to watching Jaxton grow into the boy he is supposed to be and i can only imagine he will have quite the personality!
Pics taken right after he woke up this morning!


  1. Nice Aly. I love that you're doing this. It'll be fun reading your thoughts.

  2. Keep on blogging Aly you have a knack for it! Mama Choe