Thursday, July 7, 2011

Popping The Cherry

Ok, so i know the title isn't the greatest thing to see, hear, or say...nor, is it the most creative but i had to start somewhere! I guess i will start by answering the question "Why am i starting a blog?". There are many reasons circling around in my head, but a few that come to mind now... I have thoughts that i'd like to share (yes, i realize people dont really care), i have a new baby that i like to sometimes exploit (yes, im one of "those moms"), i have a past that i love to talk about, i have opinions that i generally would like to write about; I also have a few short term/long term goals that i'd like to accomplish and i'd like to take you with me on my journey as i try to find my inner-artsy self, as i am a self-proclaimed "artist". I actually haven't made anything since middle school, but i have many plans to! Being a stay-at-home-mom these days has me wanting to be crafty, learn how to cook, begin and complete at-home projects, write this blog and whatever my little heart desires! And so it begins....

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